NC 10% Percent Restaurants

Looking for a place to eat fresh food in NC? We are here to support the "NC 10% Percent" project, to help the local farmers around NC, and you are most welcome to join us! Here are some of the most recommended restaurants in North Carolina that are in the NC 10% percent restaurants list, it's a great list of places to eat and drink around NC, check them out and visit them when you're around!
North Carolina Restaurants

NC restaurants

  • Simply Scrumptious
  • Robinson Ferry Restaurant
  • Full Lotus Juice Bar & Cafe
  • ORYX Restaurant and Lounge
  • The Refectory Cafe
  • Early Girl Eatery
  • Six Plates Wine Bar
  • Four Square Restaurant
  • The Tavern in Old Salem
  • Busy Bee Cafe
  • Wisteria Southern Gastropub
  • More coming soon...

About NC 10 percent restaurants

What special about these restaurants that they are using at least 10% of local ingredients and that is how they are supporting our community, so by eating in one of the restaurants below, you can also support the local farmers at North Carolina.

Have you missed anything?

Please let us know if there is any good restaurant from the "NC 10% percent" that should be added to this page, note that this is not the official website of the NC 10% Campaign, see the resources at the bottom of this page to visit the official site of nc10percent.


1. NC 10% Campaign
2. Visit North Carolina
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